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Discover the benefits of mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms



Highly recommended. Locally grown mushrooms and mushroom edible offerings exceptionally priced. If anything you're underpaying for the time, passion, and knowledge this man puts into his offerings. The benefits of mushrooms for our physical, emotional, psychological and environmental wellness should be more wide spread knowledge. Thank you, Marx Mushrooms, for spreading the word.


I've only bought mushrooms from Marx a handful of times, but each time I've been surprised by the difference between his and the mushrooms from the grocery store. I can certainly taste the freshness. Further, Marx has always been quick and accurate in answering questions I have about different strains of fungi. 5 Stars, will definitely be purchasing again.

Brad Kellestine

I have bought mushrooms from Marx Mushrooms several times since he started his venture into business. Mark is extremely knowledgeable about his products; he is also very informative about the medicinal benefits of each of his products and he even offers up advice on how to cook and store his mushrooms. I recommend Marx Mushrooms to everyone they’re delicious!

Dave Archer

Marx Mushrooms are better than any mushrooms we’ve ever bought at any Market! So very fresh when they are delivered to my door! Such a great variety as well! So many delicious flavours we’ve never tried before! We will continue to recommend Marx Mushrooms to all of our friends who have good taste!

Debbie Janes

I love your mushrooms!!

Trevor Dent